Medical Assistance Program
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  • Medical Assistance Program
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MAP is a comprehensive medical program that addresses our general health; any specific illness, disease or condition; injuries (serious or small); our mental health; our emotional health; and our overall well-being. It is a program that connects you with the medical unit of the White Brotherhood where we are each "assigned" a team of physicians whose expertise best meets our individual needs. The only things that are required to do this program are the book and your willingness to learn the program. As a program, it couldn't be more simple. With MAP you have high quality medical assistance any time day or night-and it's at no charge.

Why a third edition of MAP? Refinement. But what was refined? Including ETS Plus simplifies the process steps, Emergency MAP, Professional MAP and surrogating MAP for children. The steps for combining the Calibration Process and MAP are refined and clarified. The kinesiology instructions are expanded and improved. And Machaelle has updated how she presents the information and makes it easier to refer to your MAP book when you have a question.

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